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This blog is all about the book adventures of a 9 year old boy from North West England . Over the Summer he has read a lots of books from many genres that he would like to share with you. Hopefully you will discover some new stories to enjoy or maybe just be reminded of some old favourites!

The reviews are the opinions of a schoolboy reader. The blog and social media accounts are managed by his mum. We find this is a brilliant way to share our love of books and encourage reading in all forms!

The Library Mouse reviews each book and gives it an overall score out of 5.

  • 1 star: I didn’t like the book
  • 2 stars: The book was OK.
  • 3 stars: I liked this book.
  • 4 stars: I really liked this books. I would read it again & recommend it to other readers.
  • 5 stars: I loved this book. I think others should definitely read it!

Most reviews score 3 or above. He chooses to only review books that he has enjoyed and will comment on features that he liked or suggest reasons why he would have enjoyed the book more. He does not like to criticise books too much because they are someone’s hard work and we all believe that if you have nothing nice to say then you should say nothing!

The Library Mouse is proud to work with Netgalley and associated publishers who kindly allow us to read previews of forthcoming publications!

I share my reviews on Goodreads, where I have completed my 2020 reading Challenge. You can find my Goodreads profile here if you want to know what I’m reading.

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